_BCP1751 - Version 2
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Hand Painted Tins

High Gloss Metal is a very unique medium for presenting images. The process involves infusing dye directly into a coated aluminum substrate. (It’s a dye-sublimation transfer heated onto pre-coated aluminum).

The end result is a vibrant impressive print with great detail and resolution. The aluminum is fixed with an extruded aluminum frame, inset on the back, which allows for a modern way to hang and display these prints.

The photograph is then hand painted with highly textured acrylic gels such as, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Pearl Mica Flake and Aluminum Oxide particles. The painted image also includes acrylic fluid iridescent and interference paints as well as liquid inks that provide a true metallic look/sheen that will not tarnish with age.

It is my goal to continue to create photography that is not only interesting and aesthetically pleasing, but also encourage a viewer to touch and interact with the piece for a two dimensional experience.