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Trails End Road

20 Oct 2013 / in

20×30, Algoma Bay, North Shore ON


Hand Painted on High Gloss Aluminum

Digital black and white professional photography printed on high gloss metal. High Gloss Metal is a very unique medium for presenting images. The process involves infusing dye directly into a coated aluminum substrate. The end result is a vibrant impressive print with great detail and resolution.

To complement this service we provide an extruded aluminum mounting frame, inset on the back. This mounting method provides a modern way to hang and display these prints.

  • Durability without glass; hard and scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner.
  • Vibrant colors, great detail and high resolution.
  • Available in a range of standard sizes; 5×5″ up to 30×48″.

My black and white image is printed on the high gloss metal. It is then hand painted with course and fine iridescent acrylic textured gels such as, Micaceous Iron Oxide and acrylic fluid iridescent and interference paints as well as liquid inks provide a true metallic look that will not tarnish with age and creates stunning dimensional effects.

  • Handmade
  • Ships worldwide from Canada