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Macro Summer Blooms

"Under the Umbrellas" Kaslo Road, BC
09 Jul 2013 / in General, Techniques

Next Up On The Easel…

19 Jan 2013 / in General, Techniques

My next painting project: “FROST ON WINDOW IN BLUE” Macro Photographs printed on sheets of ultra high gloss aluminum, then hand painted in fine detail with a clear acrylic tar gel medium – to enhance a stunning tactile two dimensional experience! Art you are encouraged to touch!

What A Year!

02 Jan 2013 / in General

I’m really looking forward to 2013. My hand painted tins are a hit! At the beguinning of December I was asked to take part in a group show at the brand new Elkford community hall. I received fantastic feedback and made one of the biggest sales to date! The three other artists who were part […]

Next Up On The Easel

12 Nov 2012 / in General

Probably the most challenging “Hand Painted Tin” that I have yet to attempt. Originally photographed on medium format film, from a helicopter, thru a small window located at hip level, it was one of those “Hail Mary”shots. I just came across this negative while gathering new material for my new website, now in production, and […]